Unplug EP

by Street Magic

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released December 18, 2009

album design by david bryant

scott crist appears courtesy of himself

lyrics and music (cc) street magic
written by david bryant
except guitars on "unplug" written by scott crist
vocals and keyboards performed by david bryant
guitars on "unplug" performed by scott crist
all other sounds programmed by david bryant
arranged, produced, recorded, and mixed by david bryant
except guitars on "unplug" arranged and recorded by scott crist

Thank you for listening to this little EP! This has been the fruit of a year and a half's on-and-off writing and about three months of recording. I'd like to thank everyone that helped get this record out of my head and onto a disk, especially Scott Crist and Jordan Stubbs. I'd also like to thank my family and friends, the Sweaty Fishes, Sunset Meets Horizon, Curtis, Jordan, Kelsea, Lena, Mariya, Kellsie, Jonathan, all the Kelseys and Amandas and Ashleys and Nikkis (and the Ashley Nikki), Mrs. Drop, Mrs. Collier, Mr. McMillan, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Santos, Mr. Willis, Mr. DeLeon, the Davises, Mr. Mendez, Mr. Robins, the Langs, Mr. Jones, the BHS spelling team, theatre department, and band, and EVERYONE else who's supported me in the past several years!

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or e-mail me at streetmagic192@gmail.com




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Track Name: Montezuma
walking down the street, you can't help but to put your hand around her waist
she says no: it's not the mood it's not the time it's not the place
you want to go to europe but the sights and sounds don't appeal to her

you're letting fly out from her cage your precious quetzalcotl

don't be afraid of the dark ages baby

she's coming back and with a few new tricks up her sleeve

you used to know her love her kiss her hug her every day

you're stuck in mexico while she goes off to europe far away

your bird is back with tattooed eagles dancing up and down her legs

her hair is long now and her skirt is short revealing throbbing veins

the former vegan bums a cigarette and puffs it in your face

she wants your wallet, wants to bring it to her boyfriend back in spain

don't be afraid of the dark ages baby

at least she's back - and that's gotta count for something

you used to love to tell her sweet forevers, everything's okay

if you dance enough the rain will come to wash her away

the doctor tells you you've got syphilis and that's just where it starts

she took your money took your health and worst of all she took your heart

you've got no job no prospects all you have left is your dignity

oh yeah she took that too - it looks like all you have is you

don't be afraid of the dark ages baby

at least she's gone again that's gotta count for something

you used to think that you would want to live to see another day

if you dance enough the rain will come to wash you away

if you dance enough

if you lie enough

if you hate enough

if you cry enough

if you've had enough
the rain will come to wash you away
Track Name: Goodnight Moon
goodnight moon goodnight stars
goodnight lights and sounds of cars
goodnight books goodnight suzanne
goodnight snake who is a man

goodnight palmer goodnight bjork
in subconsciousness you lurk
goodnight spektor goodnight heap
to your sounds i fall asleep

goodnight songs that don’t quite rhyme
only kind of, just sometimes
goodnight table goodnight bed
goodnight all the things we said

goodnight the imprint of a love who never was
goodnight the sheets beside me that are left untouched
goodnight heating blanket in the stead of heating arms
sweet dreams and goodnight moon

goodnight harry goodnight jo
goodnight oh the places you’ll go
goodnight goodnight moon, oh gee
a meta-reference for me

goodnight headphones goodnight jack
goodnight milk and bedtime snack
goodnight tcod asb
goodnight hashtag lofnotc

goodnight hearts stars and balloons
goodnight pots of gold and horseshoes
goodnight shampoo goodnight brush
and things i’m vain about too much
Track Name: Unplug feat. Scott Savage
i am mangled unconnected
my modem has ceased to transmit
its shimmering signals through
the electronic ether
and i like it

i feel time stop
i feel my heart quit beating
though i still am standing
and i like it

it’s time to unplug
it is a call to arms and legs
it is a call to spines

no longer do i hear
the twitter feeds
and myspace bulletins
nothing can reach me any more
and i like it

it’s time for us
to make our own twitpics
and youtube videos
and i like it

it’s time to unplug
it is a call to arms and legs
it is a call to eyes

it’s time to unplug
it is a call to arms and legs
it is a call to fingers toes and minds

unconnected is my favorite state of mind
uninformed unknowing is the way to go
cause when i give a little of myself to the world
inevitably there is nothing left for you

tick tock tick tock